Call The Computer Depot – Bakersfield Cell Phone Repair for Quick Repair Service

If you are having trouble with your cell phone, we can help! For walk-in Bakersfield cell phone repairs, or convenient mail-in cell phone repair service nationwide, contact us today! We will repair your cell phone in 1 to 3 days, so you won’t be without it for long. We are committed to fast, high-quality, cost-effective cell phone repairs and services.

Our Technicians

The Computer Depot technicians are trained cell phone repair professionals who have worked on major manufacturers phones, including Motorola, Nokia and Samsung. They have extensive knowledge of all cell phone models. Their skills and experience include Blackberry repairs, Palm Treo repairs, Nokia repairs, Motorola repairs, and more.

Brand Promise

When you trust your cell phone to The Computer Depot, you can expect the following:

  • A live person will be on the phone to answer your questions.
  • We stock most replacement parts in-house.
  • Our cell phone repair service prices are the same or lower as competitors’ prices.
  • We offer a solid 90-day warranty on our work and parts, except in the case of liquid damage.
  • We provide a unique Repair Order number for every cell phone repair, allowing you to call and check on the status of your phone at any time.

Our Services

The skilled technicians at The Computer Depot provide the following cell phone repair services:

  • Repair of LCD/display problems, such as cracked or malfunctioning screens
  • Repair of physical cell phone damage, including problems with sound, charging, and keypads
  • Repair of cosmetic cell phone damage
  • Unlocking your cell phone to travel internationally or change carriers
  • Data transfer and recovery if you are switching to a new cell phone, or just need to back up your cell phone data

Brand Expertise

Every day, we repair ALL cell phone models belonging to the following brands:

  • Apple ™
  • Blackberry ™
  • HTC
  • Palm Treo
  • Nokia
  • Motorola (including new RAZRs)
  • iPhones
  • Samsung
  • LG
  • Sony Ericcson
  • Kyocera